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Grey Hybrid Vane 2.3

I applied them on GT Tours, 340s with 140g up front. They worked as well as the old MAX vanes shooting at home head to head. Just got back from the Redding Trail Shoot and shot my best score to date. Was very windy on day 3, arrows were still hitting where I shot them,, The ones that went through the targets were shot soon after with no concerning damage and didn't loose any Vanes.
Great product,, No complaints...

Pretty sweet!

Catalogue was pretty cool with the textured pictures, it'd be pretty sweet if it actually came with individual vane samples, that's what I thought it was at first. Or maybe include a wrap sample that you can rip out and actually use. Maybe 3 different coloured vanes of the same type, now the reader can make a custom arrow + it's free advertising. I'd maybe even subscribe monthly for that, especially if you get to sample the latest and greatest. I'm new to archery so I say all this with the upmost humble respect. The stabilizer I received is amazing and the magazine is of the premium type. Kind regards.

Great detail

Real life comparison.... nice job!

Catalog and Max vanes

When I opened my package of vanes I saw the catalog and thumbed through it. I noticed the bold colors and even glossy embossed highlights on the product pictures. I thought, dang the catalog was worth more than my parts. If a company takes that much pride in their catalog the products must be top notch as well. So far the max stealth vanes have been excellent

Good stuff

Love your products