Cameron Hanes Mountain Series


Cameron Hanes Mountain Series “Keep Hammering” Stabilizer

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Cameron Hanes Mountain Series

As a high-country hunter Cameron is mindful of weight going in as he’s always prepared to be coming out heavy, but he is never willing to sacrifice accuracy or his ability to make the shot when it counts. So when it came to what Stabilizer Cam wanted to use the NEW AAE Mountain Series line fit the bill from top to bottom.

The New “Keep Hammering” Stabilizer is the ultimate in an Ultralight micro diameter stabilizer that reduces the effects of wind while maintaining stiffness and the truest definition of a stabilizer. Featuring a Revolutionary internal vibration dampening material, the Mountain Series “Keep Hammering” Stabilizers are designed as the ultimate hunting stabilizer.

10″ = 2.5oz
12″ = 2.75oz
15″ = 3.1oz

** Before Weights

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10 Inch, 12 Inch, 15 Inch