HOT RODZ – Vibration Damping Ball


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Robert Jackson
Poor Design

The cap screw head simply compresses through the rubber making it impossible to tighten the weights. It works somewhat better if you sandwich the dampener between the weight stack and the bar end.

Hey Robert!

The button head screw that runs inside the vibration dampening knob will definitely work its way through in a couple of situations:

If you really crank it down and tighten it past what is necessary to securely hold the weights.

Or if you have more than 8 1oz weights on the bolt itself. In order to hold that much weight the head of the bold will work its way through the ball.

Aside from those two instances it shouldn't pull through the ball. The system doesn't have to be tightened much at all to secure the weights on the bar with the amount of surface area contact between the bar and the 1oz weight.

Hope this helps!

Team AAE