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  • Elastic Band, 14-inch
  • Finger Spacer-Black Anodized Aluminum
  • Finger Spacer-Brass
  • Finger Spacer, Kit (KSL)
  • Finger Spacer Screw
  • Ledge (KSL)
  • Ledge Screw
  • Palm Plate-Black
  • Palm Plate-Brass
  • Palm Plate Screw
  • Plate Screw-4/40 FHS
  • Hair Tab Face
  • Cordovan Tab Face
  • Super Leather Tab Face
  • Tab Backing
  • Tab Backing – Rubber
  • Wrench Set

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Elastic Band, 14-inch, Finger Spacer-Black Anodized Aluminum, Finger Spacer-Brass, Finger Spacer, Kit (KSL), Finger Spacer Screw, Ledge, RH, Ledge, LH, Ledge Screw, Palm Plate-Black, RH, Palm Plate-Black, LH, Palm Plate-Brass, RH, Palm Plate-Brass, LH, Palm Plate Screw, Plate Screw-4/40 FHS, Tab Face-Hair-SM, RH, Tab Face-Hair-SM, LH, Tab Face-Hair-MD, RH, Tab Face-Hair-MD, LH, Tab Face-Hair-LG, RH, Tab Face-Hair-LG, LH, Tab Face-Hair-XLG, RH, Tab Face-Hair-XLG, LH, Tab Face-Cordovan-SM, RH, Tab Face-Cordovan-SM, LH, Tab Face-Cordovan-MD, RH, Tab Face-Cordovan-MD, LH, Tab Face-Cordovan-LG, RH, Tab Face-Cordovan-LG, LH, Tab Face-Cordovan-XLG, RH, Tab Face-Cordovan-XLG, LH, Tab Face-Super Leather-SM, RH, Tab Face-Super Leather-SM, LH, Tab Face-Super Leather-MD, RH, Tab Face-Super Leather-MD, LH, Tab Face-Super Leather-LG, RH, Tab Face-Super Leather-LG, LH, Tab Face-Super Leather-XLG, RH, Tab Face-Super Leather-XLG, LH, Tab Backing-SM, Tab Backing-MD, Tab Backing-LG, Tab Backing-XLG, Tab Backing-Rubber-SM, Tab Backing-Rubber-MD, Tab Backing-Rubber-LG, Tab Backing-Rubber-XLG, Wrench Set

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Haraldur Gústafsson

Excellent service

Terrance Wilson
Somewhat dissapointed

The leather quality was excellent but some of the holes didn't match up and there were no cutouts for the strap. I thought I was supposed to receive the very small screws but none were enclosed. I've tried several hardware stores and they could not match them

Michael Bailey
Good parts in part

AAE’s KSL range of products is, typically, innovative - offering solutions to problems that either no one else has thought to address or that are unique. They are let down by the inclusion of poor quality fittings (screws, hex bolts etc) which invariably have to be replaced with better quality ones when they break or deform. I’ve had to buy replacement hex screws for both my KSL Gold tabs (finger spacer to main plate) and the main hex screw on my Gold extended clicker. All the originals deformed when trying to tighten with a hex wrench - their replacements, with higher grade stainless steel, have performed without issue. I have friends in my club who have experienced the same issues. That said, I love my finger tabs - I’ve tried several but, the KSL brass version is the best on the market.

Patricia González
KLS parts

As usual. Good service, excellent quality products.

David Pleym
International Order

Parts in stock on the AAE website and/ or unavailable elsewhere (UK archery shops). Site was easy to navigate and prices were very reasonable. Package arrived in the UK 1 week after ordering which was great ( NB I did pay for the expedited international delivery and it was worth every penny). Tracking was brilliant though for some reason it bounced about the continental US a bit before leaving for the UK. To be fair this will be due to the carrier rather than AAE themselves. I was impressed with the level of service from AAE and have created an account as I will definitely be a repeat customer.