Crossbow Bitz Knob


Precision Vane Spacing Receiver Upgrade for Bitzenburger fletching jig to accommodate crossbows!

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Every archer who has fletched their own arrows on the most frequently used fletching jig in archery, knows the frustration of uneven spacing between vanes. The solution to this problem resides in the consistency and the accuracy of the index dimples inside the jig. Regardless of your preferred vane configuration, the Crossbow Bitz Knob will ensure consistent vane spacing. This knob contains two vane spacing options. (3-120°,4- 90°).

In addition to the incredibly accurate vane location, the Crossbow Bitz Knob was designed to accurately align and retain most modern crossbow bolt/arrow moon drivers and nocks. This feature allows for the most consistent and repeatable fletching from most crossbow nocks and moon drivers. For those who chose to repair 1 vane at a time, the Bitz Knob also features a set screw that allows the nock feature to rotate inside the body for single vane repair alignment without the need to rotate your nock.