AAE’s “PROPHECY” rest is a full-capture, fall-away rest designed for hunters and target shooters that demand the maximum in accuracy, consistency, and dependability.

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AAE’s “PROPHECY” rest is a full-capture, fall-away rest designed for hunters and target shooters that demand the maximum in accuracy, consistency, and dependability.
Built on AAE’s renowned Pro-Series frame, the Prophecy provides both vertical and horizontal micro-adjustment for ease of set-up and fine tuning.
Our proprietary trigger mechanism includes an integrated nano-second delay allowing the rest to stay up longer while maintaining maximum clearance.  The launcher is flexible and unbreakable for added forgiveness and minimal arrow noise.  The stainless steel tolerance-fit axle rotates on twin stainless steel sealed ball bearings for ultimate strength and consistency.  It also features a field replaceable activation cord for ease of set-up and timing.  
The Prophecy’s internal mechanism does not cycle when letting down, reducing potential unwanted noise, and it is the longest lasting in its class.
Available in:
  • Black & Red
  • RH or LH

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Weight 1 oz

Left Hand, Right Hand


Black, Red

Customer Reviews

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Great rest for torque tuning

Love it and will use it on all my bows moving forward.

Solid. Just like all things AAE!

I learned about AAE through Elk Shape and have been amazed at the company. Seems like anything they put out is going to be extremely practical, serve a great purpose, and built to last. So when it came time for a new rest I went to the shop and they had 2 options. Hamskea or QAD. I left and ordered myself a prophecy. This thing is soooo nice. It took a matter of minutes to get my bareshafts hitting with my fletched arrows and the micro adjust was so fun I about want to purposely throw it all out of tune just so I can do it again! 😄 the only worry I have is how long the rod is that the launcher attaches to. I’ve snagged it good in my soft bow case a few times. But I’m guessing it won’t prove to be any issue over time.

I’ve always hated a cable driven rest. But when I learned about the sear activation on this one I was very intrigued. It does not operate the same way as the QAD rests (I would never use one of those). Timing it is a dream and tuning it is a dream.

No more constantly checking if the tension on my limb driven test is still okay and slowly drawing back to make sure it’s still timed right.
The rest is set, and now I don’t even need to think about it anymore.
Thanks AAE!

Joseph Wenegenofsky
Complete peace of mind.

Hands down the most accurate, easy adjusting and reliable/durable arrow rest I've ever shot...and I've run the gamut of the top mainstream offerings from other well known manufacturers. Once I shot the Prophecy, I sold all my other rests and outfitted every bow I own with one. And as far as customer service is concerned, AAE truly goes above and beyond. I broke off a launcher during a freak mishap while hunting the other day, and all it took was one phone call to AAE and they overnighted the replacement part free of charge, no questions asked. My favorite hunting bow was field ready again in under 24hrs. I'll be a customer for life!

Prophecy Perfection🏹🐗⬇️

Best arrowrest I’ve ever shot, years of success on various PSE bows
Mine and Junies , never fails always
Ready to roll. One piece of my archery gear I never have to worry about. Again PERFECTION!!!!!!!
Big Oklahoma Bull. 60 yards

John French

Brian Quaca recommended the Prophecy and as usual he was not wrong!!! Flawless!!!!