Length: 2.7″
Height: .50″
Grain Wt: 3.8 
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Length: 2.7″
Height: .50″
Grain Wt: 3.8 
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  • Colors: Black, Blue, Bright Green, Gray, Fire Orange, Hot Pink, OD Green, Purple, Red, Sand, Sunset Gold, Teal, White, or Yellow
  • 50 pack

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Weight 0.4 oz
Vane Colors

Black, Blue, Bright Green, Fire Orange, Gray, Hot Pink, OD Green, Purple, Red, Sand, Sunset Gold, Teal, White, Yellow

Customer Reviews

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Brad Looze
Trad vanes

Trad vanes are awesome @stick__bow

Tyler Lane

I was skeptical for a long time. There were some reviews I read out there that always made me shy away from trying these. Said they were not durable and weren’t accurate with broad heads. Well that couldn’t be farther from the truth! Easy to fletch, super durable, perfect flight with broad heads, and waterproof. However, they did require tuning. Don’t think you can just slap these on and get after it. Your arrow needs tuning and the vanes need indexed proper for clearance. It takes some tinkering. I wished I would have tried these sooner. Saying goodbye to my feathers for the superior durability and weatherproofing! Accuracy is excellent.

Trad Vanes

Great vane..quiet in flight and they are very durable..

Drewe L.
Great option for traditional shooters!

These have been great! not phased by moisture, super consistent and tough. I've whiffed some shots that would have destroyed a feather but haven't phased the trad vanes. I've preferred shooting them off a rest so far but I've had great luck off the shelf as well, just takes a little tuning.

Jeff Finn
Great vanes for trad

I’ve been using the 3” vanes since shortly after they were announced. I tried the 4” and 5” vanes but the 3” (105/75 4 vane config) had the best results. Just started fletching with the Last Chance Archery Vane Master Pro and it works great with the trad vanes - could never get the bitz jigs to work well with these vanes.