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The Free Flyte Elite, Free Flyte and the Free Flyte Micro arrow rests are magnetic finger rests.

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  • The “Free Flyte” is two rests in one!  Position the magnet one way and the arrow support arm becomes a flipper style rest.  Reverse the magnet and the support arm folds away upon release for perfect clearance.  Ideal for hunting, target, and 3-D shooting, the Free Flyte can be used for either release or finger shooters.  Patent No. 5,503,136
  • The “Free Flyte Micro” is an upgrade of our popular Free Flyte rest.  We have added a very simple horizontal micro-adjustment and positive lock.  This handy adjustment is especially helpful to the target shooters trying to super tune their equipment, or the bowhunter looking for perfect broad head flight.
  • The “Free Flyte Elite” is a CNC machined version of our popular Free Flyte arrow rest.  This rest can be mounted with the conventional side plate or the riser can be drilled and tapped for the ultimate in stability.  The dual magnet system will allow for both inward and outward movement of the heavy-duty arrow support arm.  There are two positive locking vertical and horizontal adjustments that allow each archer to set this rest up to fit any bow and make quick positive changes for each set-up and arrow diameter.  This is the ultimate finger style rest for the serious target archer or hunter.  The Free Flyte Elite rest must be used with a plunger.  We recommend using either the Master Plunger or Master Plunger Micro for an unbeatable combination.
Available in:
  • Standard, Micro, or Elite
  •  RH or LH

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Weight 1 oz

Left Hand, Right Hand


Free Flyte, Free Flyte Elite, Free Flyte Micro

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Stephen Hurst
Good product

No issues with product, just with delivery. Paid premium to have overnighter, but did show up until 3rd day. We have no choice but to rely on 2nd and 3rd party shippers, but someone dropped the ball!

Hector Quiroga


Kevin OKeefe
Free Flute Micro for a New Archer

I’m new to archery, I have 3 150 dollar recurve bows (one is my son’s) that I am upgrading with various components while learning how to setup and fine tune things. I started with very inexpensive plungers and rests and sights, because I didn’t want to spend too much exploring olympic style for my 150 dollar bow. However, I ran into issues like too short plungers, etc. so I started doing research and found AAE to be the inventors of some of this stuff, so I started outfitting my SWA Spyder with AAE components: the Free Flyte Micro, a Master Plunger long, and AAE adjustable clicker. I haven’t added a sight to this bow yet, but for the bow I added a sight too I’m using an AAE Cavalier Elite Finger tab too.

I am loving the quality of your products!

The Free Flyte micro is sturdy, adjustable, a bit daunting perhaps for a non technical person, but I really love all the tunability and being able to move it all over has helped me understand how bows work better.

I’m still comparing and trying this rest against others (Bicaster is a pretty good cheap rest, while the Nike plunger is pretty good (but too short), but I know when I upgrade to an Olympic Recurve I’m going to be putting on AAE stuff!

J. Holden
Professional rest for the barebow archer

This is a top notch arrow rest being highly adjustable, tunable, and easy to install and use. There are a lot of customization options on this rest and one can adjust both the height and width of the arrow rest with ease. It guarantees a clean release of the arrow and you can feel the difference immediately. The arm for the rest is durable and I never run into issues.

My only wish would be to have a spare arm (or replacement part really) for archers that like to use different arms for different risers or styles of shooting.