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AAE’s “PROPHECY” rest is a full-capture, fall-away rest designed for hunters and target shooters that demand the maximum in accuracy, consistency, and dependability.
Built on AAE’s renowned Pro-Series frame, the Prophecy provides both vertical and horizontal micro-adjustment for ease of set-up and fine tuning.
Our proprietary trigger mechanism includes an integrated nano-second delay allowing the rest to stay up longer while maintaining maximum clearance.  The launcher is flexible and unbreakable for added forgiveness and minimal arrow noise.  The stainless steel tolerance-fit axle rotates on twin stainless steel sealed ball bearings for ultimate strength and consistency.  It also features a field replaceable activation cord for ease of set-up and timing.  
The Prophecy’s internal mechanism does not cycle when letting down, reducing potential unwanted noise, and it is the longest lasting in its class.
After 2 years of designing testing dozens of options AAE has released the long awaited PROPHECY QD! The Prophecy QD utilizes the Freakshow QD mount that has been proven by HUNDREDS of Podium finishes and dozen’s of event wins across the World. With 15 points of contact the QD mount guarantees that your rest will go back in the exact same spot every time producing “same hole” accuracy.
The Prophecy QD uses a simple Quick Detach Wedge that goes in the down buss cable of your bow (bow press required). The QD insert is easily removed/installed with a 3/32″ allen wrench ensuring that the rest goes right back in proper timing.
Available in:
  • Black only
  • RH or LH
  • Standard or Extended (*Extended mounts are a custom order by phone call only)

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Left Hand, Right Hand

Customer Reviews

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Tad L
Prophecy QD Rest

Easy to install, easy to tune, and has been bulletproof shooting!

Jason B
The best cable driven rest

I have shot multiple other rests in the past and the Prophecy will be my go to cable driven from here on. Easier setup, better build quality, micro adjust, no bounce back… this test has it all. The qd attachment is also a nice touch and with the 2 Berger hole attachment it self levels. The sear release is also very nice and crisp with no bounce back.

Randall White
Accuracy over integration

I placed this rest on my bow and couldn’t be happier! The ability to torque tune by moving my rest forwards or backwards instead of my sight is huge. My bow is now torque tuned at 50 yards and I got to keep the sight picture the way I like it. The launcher is noticeably less sensitive than the qad and you also have the ability to perform field repairs. Installation was very easy and the build quality is exceptional. This is the apex of rests.